Back Pain

Back pain of any duration longer than a few days and all tests are negative, is a spinal disk – or disks that are degenerating and easily injured. Usually very specific pain wise, they may radiate along the nerve into the arm (bursitis, carpal tunnel), leg, (sciatica, knee subluxations) The normal spine, which can stand compression of 1000 lbs., is nutritionally deficient, which weakened the cartilage structure. Uncomplicated cases should be at least 80% improved in the first two to four weeks, using the intensive back pain package.

When this is successful future back pain and a whole raft of problems can be prevented from returning by following up with the maintenance health package of your choice. You should know that on average, your protein deficiency will return again after ten days of being without the essential amino acids formulas. The base cause is micro degeneration of the spinal disks, which very few doctors can diagnose. This begins healing with the Back Pain #1 with Sea Aloe Gold(SAG) or Back Pain #1 with Vickery Sea Plant Minerals (VSP) within 12—48 hours according to our BEV Tests in thousands of cases since 1986.

IF THIS RELIEF DOES NOT OCCUR ORDER FOR YOUR SECOND PACKAGE, The Vickery Celiac and S.C.V. Drug–Resistant Bacteria Protocol.

The two major conditions that prevent the healing process are: CELIAC DISEASE AND SPINAL INFECTION-S.

Celiac disease

Celiac disease may be the most under–diagnosed single condition today. It is the chief cause of mal–absorption and the main reason for failure of nutritional programs that usually are successful. We found it to be the chief cause of FM program failure. Every case of FM has degenerating disks.

Multiple (so called) Latent or Small Colony Variant Drug Resistant Infections

Continuing research has shown the incidence of drug resistant bacteria is endemic in the population. Most latent (S.C.V. Small Colony Variants) which are known by scientists and not medical or other doctors. This includes drug resistant (DR) TB, MERSA (super staph), DR strep, DR Listeria, and the new suspected cause of heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s, arteriosclerosis, called “The heart attack germ” Chlamydia pneumonae, and many viruses. These are not readily found using the Newtonian model which is orthodox medicine, but easily found using the energy models used by alternative medicine. They and their locations and levels are found in the SPINE, ileocecal valve, gut, heart, lungs, kidneys, bladder, thyroid, sinuses and brain. SUPERINFECTIONS AND MALABORPTION ARE NOW addressed in this nutritional counterattack since the addition of the Sea–Aloe Gold has provided the necessary iodine and the super aloe to fight infection and increase absorption rapidly.

We know that this may seem somewhat expensive but you have to consider: Expensive as compared to what? The less effective care that we analyzed in our YouTube,”Back Pain Delivers Less Costs More” or $6–7000 for less effective average care or $50,000 for back surgery? Lastly, the prestigious medical institutions still don’t know exactly; What is the real deal on your back pain?

Product Image Item Name- Price
Back Pain #1 w/ Vickery Sea Plant Minerals

Back Pain #1 w/ Vickery Sea Plant Minerals

Back Pain Intensive Care Package: 2 x PLATINUM PLUS Essential Amino Acids US Patent 6,203,820 1 x BIO-MULTI PLUS (prof grade multi vitamin mineral) 1...


Vickery Celiac and S.C.V. Drug–Resistant Bacteria Protocol

Vickery Celiac and S.C.V. Drug–Resistant Bacteria Protocol

Alternative Second Month Back Pain Package One-month package Continuing research has shown that the incidence of drug resistant bacteria is endemic...


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